Booking Process

General Booking Process, 4 Steps

  1. We find the right accommodation
    Read the Apartment descriptions to the level you are interested. Fill in the request form and add as many notes as possible. Either an example of an apartment you like and you think suits your requirements, or more general information about what you need. An example plus more general information gives us plenty to go on and offer all the options we know will be broadly what you want.
  2. We will send you a list to choose
    From the list of apartments available for the period you require, you can directly choose which apartment you require and let us know.
  3. We hold the apartment and send the booking form
    At this point we are holding the apartment formally, simply awaiting deposit details to fully confirm the apartment. You formalise the apartment with deposit details.
  4. We confirm the full booking is complete
    After receiving your deposit details within the specified period, we confirm the apartment is held.