Frequently Asked Questions

Category 1 – Booking an Apartment/B and B.

Question: How easy is it to take an apartment?
Answer: Easy, very easy. Choose one, or tell us a little about your trip/party and let us make a few suggestions. Then, tell us to “book it”, at which time we send you a full travel itinerary. You make a deposit as required, and turn up.

Question: What happens when I turn up?
Answer: Go directly to the address indicated. Give us a call on your arrival (details are given during booking) and then go to the apartment where there will be someone to meet you and show you round, and give you the keys.

Question: How long before my trip need I make reservations?
Answer: Up to the day before your arrival. However, we do not hold bookings and availability is often difficult at that time. Even at this stage it may be too difficult to organise all the requirements including someone there to meet you. The best advise, as soon as you can.

Question: Is it possible to take the appts for a shorter period of time (maybe 1 week, or even less)?
Answer: The absolute minimum is 2 nights, but this period is only accepted on occassion. Generally, any request for 3 nights or more is accepted if available. Sometimes, the minimum period is longer, such as booking in September during May or June, when anything under 5 days will probably not be considered.

Question: You mentioned the appartment has 4 (1-2-3) rooms. Is this shared with others?
Answer: Your accommodation is not shared in any way with anybody. Private fully secure rooms/apartments and private bathrooms. We don’t accept accommodation that is shared in any way.

Question: Do the rooms have keys?
Answer: All the rooms/accommodations are fully secure and have their own keys which you hold. There are no curfews, but as with any accommodation in any part of any city, we ask that you respect the people around you for noise levels at obviously sensitive times, even though this respect may not be reciprocated.

Question: Do you have any information on hiring a car or a scooter or trains to …?
Answer: Please ask – but we are not a travel agency! We may be able to help you with suggestions or point you in the right direction. Our suggestions for any other supplier are simply made on feedback and general information, as we hold no agreements with them.

Question: How will I get the apartment? Where do I get the keys.
Answer: Choose a method of transportation from the variety of options (please ensure you tell us which one you choose), and upon your arrival at the apartment, there will be someone there to meet you. The person meeting you will show you everything, make a few suggestions and give a few tips on local shopping, buses etc, and leave you with the keys.

Question: How do I find the apartment.
Answer: We will give you full details in your itinerary of how to get to the apartment and you can check out the travel options on each page to decide your method before you come. Tell us which one you are choosing – we may be able to add some information.

Category 2 – Areas

Question: I want the centre, do you have anything in the centre.
Answer: The centre of Rome is considered by most to mean a radius of 2 kilometres around the Historical Centre. Almost everything we have, apart from a few special places that are easily accessable to the Historical centre, is located within the centre.

Question: So what is in the Historical Centre.
Answer: The Historical centre is the cobbled streets aged around 300 years plus. The historical centre is small, so anything anywhere within it is very close to every other thing. It includes the famous, Navona, Trastevere, C. Fiori, P Spagna, Trevi, Coronari, Portico, Campadoglio, Pantheon, and the area behind Trajans Markets.

Question: I want Campo dei Fiori, Campodoglio, P. Spagna, P. Navona etc.
Answer: These areas, along with Portico, Trevi, Coronari, Banci Vechhi, Venezia, Trastevere etc, are all regarded as the Historical Centre. They are all within a few hundred metres of each other and they are all the cobbled streets.

Question: I want to use my Credit Card, why cash?
Answer: Because we don’t take credit card! Sorry! Your booking is like a normal rental contract with the owner of an apartment.

Question: I haven’t used the internet to book accommodation before, what do I look out for?
Answer: Information. The benefit of the internet is to research information from the comfort of your own home. Make sure that descriptions are complete in your own mind at that the languge they speak (they being the “sites” or “emails”) is the language you understand – if you don’t understand something, then ask. It is probably because it has been badly explained, not that you have badly understood it.

Questions: I haven’t had an apartment before. It’s strange.
Answer: Not a question, but a good statement. In reality, it isn’t so strange. You might rent an apartment in your own town for 1-2 years – and this is no different, but for a shorter period.

Question: I don’t want to “cater” for myself, wouldn’t I be better in a hotel
Answer: Don’t cook and go to the hotel restaurant.

Question: Is breakfast included.
Answer: If it is a Bed and Breakfast, then Italian breakfast is provided. Please understand that Italians don’t really eat much, except a croissant and coffee, and so this is what you will receive. Same in hotels, unless they state “American” or “English” breakfast.

Category 3 – Safety and Security

Question: How secure are the Rooms/Apartments.
Answer: All apartments are fully secure, lockable and independant. However, as with any accommodation, please do not leave valuables in your Room. You are required by Italian law as a visitor to always carry your passport with you.

Question: How secure is the city from terrorism.
Answer: There isn’t an answer to that question, just an overview of the risk factor. Rome has both the Vatican and the Parliament and would therefore be considered to be a possible target. However, because of this, Rome is very secure with a huge security system in place as these have been here for a long time, and Rome has become very competent at dealing with the threat. The huge community of Americans, English, Australians and General Europeans, plus many others, that live here, in addition to the many many tourists, mean that one never feels “out of place” in the city, regardless of your nationality.

Question: What is the area like around MY apartment.
Answer: Strange and wonderful. All parts of rome are peculiar and beautiful plus chaotic and messy. When you are in Rome, you know you are in Rome – unlike many other cities where large parts of the city could be very similar to other cities. Apart from a few very small pockets (of which we don’t have any apartments in or near), all other areas of Rome are equally safe for personal safety. All different, and safer than most other cities in the world for personal safety. However, pickpockets can be irritating.

Question: I heard that x or y area was the best in Rome.
Answer: Everyone who knows the city has their favourite areas. They all have a charm and peculiarity that makes them different from one another.

Question: Is the area quiet around the apartment
Answer: Not if the apartment is in Rome. Generally an apartment is either on a road where road noise can be loud or is on a small back street which are often described as “quiet or tranquil” but will be subject to very loud voices or scooters passing by. We would rather shy away from the question because the answer is not easy to know. What can be deadly quiet for a few weeks at a time might every so often have a few days of seemingly constant noise – if that is the period you stay, then you will think we said bad!

Question: Tell me more about my personal safety in these areas.
Answer: In many ways the answer is simple. Take the same care you would take in your own city, and you will be much safer here. You will be very very unlikely to experience anything here – none of our guests ever have. However, this is too important a question to be answered in short, or by us. It is a city, there are 3 million people and not all of them are perfect.