Terms and Conditions

Deposit Required

A booking is not secured until the full amount stated in your itinerary is received, unless otherwise authorised by us at the time of booking.

Deposit Methods

All amounts are in EURO, and the only currency amount to work in is EURO unless otherwise stated.

Method 1: Direct credit / Direct Transfer / Bonifico / International Money Transfer / etc: You will be provided of the owners bank account details and you should transfer the stated amount to this account. If the FULL stated amount does not arrive, the deposit is not considered made and the booking not held (unless transfer is under dispute with the banks). The sender should pay their own bank charges. (If these charges are passed on to the owner, the deposit will not be as stated and therefore not considered recieved. Exchange fluctuations do not affect this system as all funds are in EURO.

Method 2: Bank Check/cheque: This can be sent to the owners address with the correct details (again, supplied at time of booking), and must be in Euro for the specified amount. These are called different names at different institutions, including “international bank cheque”, “bank draft”, “money order” etc. The easiest way to ask for this instrument is to simply state to your supplier what you would like to happen, and let them name the method.

If you are sending a cheque, please ensure it is via courier or registered. Lost or delayed in post is common and not our responsibility.

Deposit Amount

The deposit amount is 25% of the total booking amount (unless otherwised identified at time of booking), with a minimum of 1 nights stay.

Deposit Due Date

The deposit must be received in 10 days (unless otherwise stated) from time of the booking form being sent. This allows for time to send it and time for it to appear or arrive in Rome. The booking automatically expires without warning after this period.

Balance Methods

The balance must be paid in cash, Euro.

Balance Due Date

The balance is always due on arrival after being shown the accommodation and having had any questions answered. If the carrying of cash is uncomfortable, then a larger pre-payment is acceptable and must arrive and be confirmed prior to the commencement of the rental. The keys are not authorised to be released to the renter before balance payment is made.

Failure to pay on arrival will result in immediate termination of contract and will be considered a late cancellation by the renter, in which case the deposit will not be returned.

Security Deposit

In many cases, a security deposit is asked for. This deposit is to be used only for damages and cannot be used as a rental payment. As it is seldom kept, the deposit can be made in cash in any secure currency (USD, GBP, DM, FF, AUS, etc).

It is the assessment of the owner at the time of departure whether there are any damages that are deemed over and above what would constitute normal wear and tear, or for purposes of extra cleaning as outlined below. Generally, the assessment is made on booking.

Security Deposit Amount

The amount of the security deposit is agreed between ourselves and the accommodation suppliers.

Credit Card

The general process of booking these apartments is a direct rental with the owner, and therefore all payments are direct to the owner.

On some occassions, where there is little time or problems with banking arrangements on the owners behalf, we can accept Credit Card details to hold the apartment. You will be offered this method from time to time. At the point at which we hold the apartment, we send you the booking form. The booking will then be held, waiting for your Credit Card details to arrive by return, at which point your booking will be fully confirmed, otherwise the booking automatically expires. Credit Card is not a method of payment, and the card will not be debited unless you do not arrive without informing us – in which case, we will be authorised to collect the deposit of 50% of the total booking amount as stated in the booking form. Upon arrival, full payment is due.

Direct Booking Cost

These prices are the discounted prices of booking through us the internet.

Price of Stay

You can use this table to establish the cost of your stay. Simply use the number of people in your party and work out the total cost. For children or infants, the calculation is simply that if you have an infant/very small child and they do not require a separate sleeping arrangement (ie, they sleep with the parents) then there is no charge. This is acceptable for only one infant.

Cleaning Cost

Initial cleaning and final cleaning are included in the price as quoted, unless otherwise stated in the price table.

It is included in the price on the basis that the accommodation is expected to be left in a relatively clean state, except for washing of linen, towels etc. Cleaning materials and equipment are provided in the accommodation. In the judgement of the administrator, if the apartment is not left in a clean state, a deduction can be made from the security deposit to cover extra time.

Other Charges

There are no other set charges. If special requests are made that are not already stated in our documentation, then these may or may not be charged for.

Items included in Price

Unless otherwise stated, sheets, linen, towels, cleaning, electricity, gas, tax, check in fee, keys, etc. The list really is everything you would expect to have as indicated.

Changes to the booking by you

All changes to the booking are considered as a cancellation and re-booking. In effect, small changes are generally accommodated for no more than the change fee of 30 Euro for each new set of dates recorded. This is also entirely dependant on the length of stay being the same. If bookings are shortened, generally this is considered as a cancellation and re-booking.

Refunds on deposit for changes by you

  1. Cancellations/changes all incur bank charges, plus 50 Euro fee, + 30 Euro booking change fee (to RR).
  2. Cancellations/changes more than 60 days of arrival date, receive 75 % of the deposit, minus fees.
  3. Cancellations/changes between 14 and 60 days of arrival date, receive pro-rata refund system, minus fees.
  4. Cancellations/changes less than 14 days of arrival date do not receive a refund.

How to Cancel/Change

This must be communicated to us in writing/email.

Changes to the booking by us

This should not happen. If the deposit has not be received, then there is no further action. After receipt of the deposit, if your booking is cancelled by us, a full refund of deposit paid will be made. We will also pay your initial bank charges for the transaction, as long as they are both presented to us formally, and are considered reasonable within the banking system.

Our Obligations for our cancellation

Apart from refund of deposit, we are NOT required to find alternative accommodation. However, in practice, we would generally endeavour, on late cancellations only, to provide information in order for you to find alternatives. Due to the fact that our accommodation is particularly heavily discounted, we will be unlikely to find accommodation of an equivalent standard at a comparable price.

Arrivals and Departures

Regardless of your time of arrival, you must inform us including all your flight details, airport of arrival, flight number etc. The owners endeavour to be as flexible as possible but the best laid plans are often ruined by late landings.

Early arrivals pose a slightly different problem, often not allowing for cleaning.

Travel to and From Airport

At the time of booking you will be directed to as wide as variety of options and estimated costs in time and money as we can.

Fast Intenet Connection in Apartment

General Description

In reference to the internet connection, it is provided as an extra feature and does not form part of the rental. If, for any reason beyond our control, the ADSL, computer, modem or any part of it fails to work, we will endevour to fix that as soon as we have someone available.


However, technical failures are beyond our control and therefore the feature comes with no guarantee. We will be dissappointed should it fail to work, but it is not our responsibility. No refunds are given on this.

Apologies for these provisions…

Please accept our apologies for making these provisions. It is simply that, unlike a hotel that installs a single, internationally compatible system (that isn’t always either), we have to do so in each apartment with “private/domestic” contracts. The servies, systems, and equipment furnished for these hi-speed connections is different for every apartment and not tested “industrially”.

If something goes wrong it is in our interest to get it right, as it will make for a happy customer – but this is not possible in some circumstances due to volumes of work in high season, responsiveness of the internet provider, or availability of replacement parts etc.

Macs and things

We don’t know anything about them. Sorry. On some systems we have ethernet cable and wi-fi, others require an installation disk for Windows. Some people have got things working themselves, while others haven’t.


The Lead person on the Booking Confirmation is responsible for the correct and decent behavior of his/her party. Should the person and his/her party behave in such a manner that is not acceptable by civilized standards, the property owner/manager has the right to ask the person and his/her party to vacate the premises, with no recourse for refund of monies.

Personal Injury Liability

The apartments generally carry no additional insurance. The apartment will be presented as is expected for Italian houses. Many of the laws regarding safety and security are different from other countries, so you should always take personal care whether you are in the apartment or out on the streets.

Real Rome.Com holds no responsibility and the apartment owner/administrator and the renter are responsible as per Italian Law.

Other Residents

If the apartment is in the City, there will be other people in the proximity, and you are expected to act decently, even in circumstances where you feel they may not be.

Changes to Terms and Conditions

We reserve the right to make changes to parts of this document from time to time.

Problems with the Accommodation

We would hope that you will not be dissatisfied with any aspect of your accommodation. However in the event of any dissatisfaction you must report the cause to the rentor immediately to allow them to rectify the position. In the unlikely event that you are still not satisfied you must contact us on the numbers provided in the booking form (at the time so it can still be solved if possible). Reporting the matter to us in writing soon after is very useful to us, and we absolutely encourage it, but we are unlikely to have a satisfactory solution for you. We and the owners cannot accept any liability for a complaint not reported to the owner at the time.