Rome Accommodation explained

Hotels vs. Holiday Apartments

Hotels in Rome

Hotels in Rome need little describing. There is a huge range, and while they are star rated, price is a much better guide than star rating in assessing your options. It can be quite difficult to choose a hotel. On their website, you will generally see a picture of the lobby and maybe one of the better rooms. This may be misleading for the final product you receive, but it is not always the case.

Holiday Apartments in Rome

A holiday rental apartment is the same as a normal rental or lease on an apartment, except the period is much shorter. The benefits are mainly price, location, and experience. The drawback is mainly payment system. Often, no credit cards are accepted for payment (only for guarantee of booking on occasion).

If you need a concierge on call 24 hours a day, then you will have to pay for it, and this accommodation doesn’t provide it – nor does it charge for it. If you need to have breakfast within the same building as you wake up, and you don’t want to put your own toast on, then a hotel is for you. An apartment will provide you with a fully self contained living home to make your stay more comfortable and enjoyable.

Some general descriptions

What sort of quality can I expect

Rome is an ancient and historic place. Many of the buildings are under government control in terms of what can and can’t be done to them, particularly structurally. Therefore, modern amenities are “fitted in” to areas that were designed for other things. For example, sometimes bathrooms are small, sometimes huge. Rooms generally can have all manner of irregularities. This is the character you just can’t design. This is living in history. The apartments are, particularly in the historic center, based on “Roman Design”. That is based around what is really Rome.

If you require something just like home, the only place you will find it is right there, at home. If you require something just like the Sheraton, stay at the Sheraton. If you want to widen your experience, then talk to us.

There are no particular rules, or pricing guidelines. As is stated in Fodders B&B guide to France, the word “sophisticated”, in Europe, speaks of intellectual and cultural qualities.

You are buying something you have not seen. That can be interesting. But you do it all the time with hotels hoping that the star rating or the name will give you some sort of insight into what you might get. This certainly works in America. It is little more than “broadly indicative” in Europe, and more so in Rome.

Rome probably has one of the widest varieties of buildings and accommodation in the world. The reason is, you could be in a building that is up to 1000 years old, right up to the final touches being put on whilst you are on your way to the apartment from the airport.

If you are coming from the US, or even Australia or New Zealand, you will probably have some adjusting to do in Europe.

All properties we have chosen are lovely and utterly safe places for you to visit. But we also offer you the chance to venture forth and experience Rome in a perhaps more interesting and exciting way.

Scribblings about… Accommodation in Rome

This is stupid/weird/odd/interesting/characteristic/enchanting

These are the range of phrases you will get with properties in the Historic Centre. There are many oddities about the designs. The more historic the residence, the more the design of the property is in keeping. If you require something that is of the style and standard of North American chain hotels, then these are available. In Rome, however, most people come here to see the city, and the oddities of your apartment or residence should be enchanting to this type of visitor.

Layout, Decor, Plumbing, size, furniture, quality

Many of the more modern apartments in Rome follow the standard world-wide rules of design. But some don’t, and particularly when you are in the Central Historical Area, design is a feature or result of this history. When they were building in the 12th century, little thought was made to where they would put the dishwasher, the telephone, or the television. What where they thinking!!

Of course, sarcasm does not prepare some people. What we can state, is that every property meets the normal guidelines of hygiene as followed in Italy.

Overriding and un-stated priorities in building management

The quality of the building and its preservation will always take precedence over a minor plumbing issue or the requirement to put in a slightly larger window or a bigger bathroom. The result is an incredible ingenuity in still providing you with the normal facilities, but having to find some of the most unusual ways to do it. In some properties you will see pipes along the roof, and bathrooms of unusual shapes and sizes, and a myriad of other fascinating features. This is why this accommodation is regarded as so enchanting.

The Initial Look of the Building

Romans (among others) don’t deal with this particular issue much. For a variety of reasons. Often the outside of a building will give little or no indication of the inside. Large run down concrete blocks will encase some of the most gorgeous apartments. Romans take great care of their homes on the inside. Quality is generally the measure.